ARA monarchy

May be formed by: Nejd, Hedjaz, Hail, Asir

Formation Requirements:

  • Not at war
  • Owns Riyadh (province id# 1157)
  • Either Nejd is in your sphere OR all cores owned OR House of Saud has been exiled
  • Either Hail is in your sphere OR all cores owned OR House of Rashid has been exiled
  • Either Hedjaz is in your sphere OR all cores owned
  • Either Asir is in your sphere OR all cores owned (ignoring any provinces that are also Yemen cores)

Effect of Formation:

  • +10 Prestige
  • Arabian cores added to Riyadh, Kaf and Hedjaz states
  • If Nejd, Hail, Hedjaz or Asir are sphered they will be annexed
  • All cores for Nejd, Hail, Hedjaz and Asir will be removed
  • capital is moved to Riyadh


  • Arabia may also be formed by any outside country (with the exception of the Ottoman Empire). The requirements are the same as regular formation, and the result is also the same... except Arabia will be formed as a vassal to the forming country.
  • Arabia has easy access to a "Claim Arabian Peninsula" decision, requiring that it be civilized and have 20 Prestige and a jingoism war policy. This will apply Arabian cores to the Abu Dhabi, Oman, Aden and Sana'a states... essentially the rest of the peninsula.

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