Peru-Bolivia ConfederationEdit


May be formed by: Peru, South Peru or Bolivia

Formation Requirements:

Unlike most other union nations, the PBC exists at the beginning of the game. It does not need to be re-united unless it breaks up-- which can occur if the PBC loses two of its three capitals (which are Lima, Arequipa and Chiquisaca). PBC can also break up in the initial part of the game if it loses both the Jujuy and Antofagasta regions or if it fails to reconquer Peru once the war events begin (an event will prompt it to either end the confederation then and there or start a war with South Peru to keep it... though this means losing PBC cores on both Peru and South Peru when that happens).

After that initial break-up, it's possible to reform PBC with the following requirements:

  • not at war
  • is either the sphere leader of Peru, is Peru or owns Lima (province id# 2295)
  • is either the sphere leader of South Peru, is South Peru or owns Arequipa (province id# 2304)
  • is either the sphere leader of Bolivia, is Bolivia or owns Chiquisaca (province id# 2313)
  • Nationalism & Imperialism has been researched
  • is a greater power

Formation Effects:

  • Prestige +10
  • +5 Infamy
  • PBC cores added to all national core provinces
  • any nation with South Andean primary culture which is either in your sphere or is your vassal will have PBC cores added to all national core provinces and be annexed (this includes Chile)


  • Treaty of La Paz: It should be noted that PBC does not start the game with any cores. If PBC is at peace after 1840, it may enact this decision which grants +5 Prestige and adds PBC cores to all Bolivia, Peru and South Peru national core provinces. It only adds cores to Peru and South Peru, however, if the "End of the Confederation" event has not already fired.
  • Centralizer Act Huayna Capac: This decision may be used by PBC if there is any neighboring South Andean country which is in its sphere or which is its vassal OR if it owns any Peru or South Peru core province but which themselves are not PBC cores. It requires that PBC has 20 Prestige, is not at war and either is a greater power or has researched Nationalism & Imperialism. It has the following effects:
    • +5 Prestige
    • if any Peru/South Peru core province is owned, but not a PBC core, it adds PBC cores to it
    • any South Andean country which is in PBC's sphere or which is a vassal will have PBC cores added to all its national core provinces and be annexed

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